Monday, July 5, 2010

Unofficial Fireworks

With no official fireworks display in Middletown this year, residents were left to find ways to celebrate in their own way.

Downtown neighborhoods were alight with legal and some obviously illegal displays of the rockets' red glare.

And by the sounds of the sirens downtown it was a busy night for firefighters as well.

The Middletown Eye spotted this celebration in a back yard on Washington Street.

(photos by Sowgol Zakarian)


Anonymous said...

My neighborghood illegal fireworks display was on a different street. It lasted an hour and half with the sparks landing in woods and houses. It shook things off the walls. 30 min in, when we called the police - we were told they had been "ordered" not to respond to any fireworks call that evening. And further, if the house or wood caught fire, that was the fire department's problem.

After an hour and half - and other neighbors out with their hoses to put out the sparks, the show stopped.

Isn't it nice to have a police force doing it's job? I'm so glad the town is paying them instead of having a fireworks display.

BCFire said...

Next time, call the Fire Department and tell them that the sparks are causing small fires. They WILL respond.

Anonymous said...

The Police had so many fireworks calls they couldn't keep up with them. Most of the people who called to complain would not leave a name. Instead of chasing around Anonymous fireworks complaints (a lot which happened to be legal fireworks) they were told to only respond to stuff that was clearly illegal or causing a major problem.

Anonymous said...

I called and told them of the illegal display one street over from me gave name and my address and still was told no one was responding to fireworks calls. this could have started a huge fire. i even spoke to the female captain in charge that evening and got nothing. i am so glad my house did not catch on fire. again hoodlums left to do whatever they wanted all over the town.