Friday, July 30, 2010

Today at the Market

The North End Farmers Market runs Today and every Friday from 10 am - 2 pm in front of It's Only Natural Market, 575 Main St.

North End Farmers' Market returns today, Friday from 10 to 2 with the same great line-up of farmers, O'Rourke's Diner, Linda's Sweet Memories, and Whey Better Soaps.

Jerkfish Restaurant will sell authentic Jamaican food for lunch, and the Vecchitto's truck will be back (the forecast is warm and sunny, perfect for Italian ice!) String Band Madness will return with their sweet, old-timey sounds.

Despite steady rain, many people gathered last week at the market to buy local produce, hula hoop with Crystal Pistritto's beautiful hoops, and listen to the Wesleyan Ghanaian Drumming Ensemble. Rain or shine, the market goes on!

In the news: The Kids Market was featured in the Hartford Courant this week. Read about it here.

Also, if you haven't already, please join us on facebook! "Like" the North End Farmers' Market and use this as a forum to discuss recipe ideas and share photos.

NEAT's Director and NEFM Market Master, Izzi Greenberg was on CT Outdoors radio show on WMRD this week. Click here to listen to the audio. They talked about the North End, the Farmers Market and other programs in the community.


Anonymous said...

That is SO Ashton Kutcher serving the kids ... in Middletown!!

Anonymous said...

i dont understand why in CT all of the farmers' markets seem to be open for 3-4 hours, in the middle of the day on a weekday...clearly intended for people without jobs.

Anonymous said...

Why do think someone being available mid-day on a weekday means they are without a job? That's kind of presumptuous! All those stores open on the weekends have people with days off on a Friday who would like to shop, too. Also, people who are working on a Friday can stop by during lunch. Plus, should farmers only work sat-sun? Maybe they need to work M-F too, to makes ends meet.

Jane said...

If you check the Department of Agriculture's web site, you will probably find a market near where you live or where you WORK.

Many of the weekday markets run as late as 6 or 6:30 pm. If your point is that farmers' markets are for welfare recipients, take a look at Fairfield County, which has 21 markets.

And, if you're willing to cross a county line, to Berlin or Meriden, you will find Saturday markets. Statewide, I counted many weekend markets. Somehow though, I have the feeling that you have an axe to grind here. Here is the DOA's link to all the markets in CT:

Anonymous said...

anon 437pm you are bitter. We all have jobs and work. Many people work nights and weekends and therefore are able to attend weekday farm markets. Many people work near the location of Middletown's market therefore they are able to spend the time during their coffee break or lunch break going to the market and pickup up a few things. Many people who really think its important to find a farmers market that fits into their schedule will spend two minutes typing "CT farm Markets" into an online search engine where they can then determine in the blink of an eye that there are weekend markets in Chester, Bethany, North Guilford, Milford, Coventry, multiple in New Haven, Wallingford, need I continue? I am sure that there is huge logistical effort that goes into planning a farm market that you may not have considered. I am also sure that to people who want to attend a farm market or think it is important to do so will find the time to be there and find the one that is at a day and time they can manage. (just like anything in life.)

Anonymous said...

I agree about the need for farmers' markets on the weekends! Are there any near Middletown?

Izzi Greenberg said...

As the organizer of the market, I'd just like to say that we started our market when vendors would come. Many of them are already attending successful markets on the weekends and won't take a chance on a start-up market. So, we ended up with the Friday afternoon spot.

We've tried to make the best of it, and are doing a lunchtime "program" which includes a prepared lunch from a different restaurant every week and live music during that lunch hour. We've had a lot of success with it, and we get a TON of people who stop by (from all over Middletown) on their lunch breaks.

I wish we could accommodate everyone! If we can build up a really successful market that can compete with the larger weekend markets, we'll switch or add a weekend market. I think it would be great too.

So, spread the word and shop! As far as I know, the closest weekend markets are in New Haven...