Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cops Arrest Three in Drive-by Shooting On Grand Street

From the Middletown Police Department

On Tuesday, July 20th, at approximately 1:10 am, Sgt. Lukanik of the Middletown Police Department reported hearing possible shots fired while he was patrolling the area of Main St. & Grand St.  

Seconds later Central Dispatch received anonymous reports of a drive by shooting in the area of 42 Grand St.  

Responding patrol Officers located spent shell casings in the roadway in the area of 42 Grand St, and spoke to several witnesses who confirmed the shots fired and gave a vehicle description.  Although the shots were reportedly in the direction of several bystanders outside 42 Grand St, no one was reportedly injured at the scene.  

Sgt. Lukanik had also observed a vehicle (matching the description given by witnesses) leaving the area at a high rate of speed, and was able to catch up to the vehicle on Main St. in Cromwell.  With the assistance of Cromwell Officers, as well as additional Middletown Officers, a felony motor vehicle stop was conducted, and three occupants were interviewed.  One occupant admitted to the shooting, and upon searching the vehicle a handgun was located.  Further investigation revealed that the handgun was reportedly stolen from North Carolina.  All three occupants were arrested and charged with the following: 

Jason Maxwell (Age 28) was charged with:
 -Unlawful discharge of a firearm
-Reckless endangerment first degree
-Carrying a pistol without a permit
-Weapon in a motor vehicle
-Criminal attempt to commit assault first degree
-Theft of a firearm, and was held on $150,000 bond.

Sean Goldston (Age 24) was charged with:
 -Conspiracy to commit assault first degree
-Possession under four ounces of marijuana
-Possession of marijuana within 1500 feet of a school, and was held on $50,000 bond 

Rasheem Grimes (Age 22) was charged with:
-Conspiracy to commit assault first degree, and was held on $50,000 bond.



Anonymous said...

Dear eye it would be interesting to know why these losers were not charged a attempted murder. Just because you fire a gun and miss shouldn't allow a free pass at a harder sentence a real consequences. Please ask the judge why he goes easy on people who potentially will not miss next time

Anonymous said...

Shooting at a house does not constitute an attempted murder charge. Without proof that they had an "intended" target inside would be almost impossible. Now if someone had been shot, yes that charge seems to fit. Don't take this wrong, I'm not in any way defending them. But just throwing charges on, seems to be taking a chance that you wont get a conviction. The judge is just going to throw it out!

Disgusted by Justice said...

" it is absolutely disgusting that the judge in this case did not charge these poor excuses for human beings with stiffer crimes- like ATTEMPTED MURDER-
they got charged with pot within a school zone but not for firing a weapon within a school zone- and just because their bullet did not strike an innocent bystander it does not mean they could not have WE got LUCKY with their poor shots. But you can count that they will try again when released. The judge in this case ought to be ashamed letting future killers and gang banger wannabes out on the street to kill children with stray bullets some day. Middletown is turning into Hartford. Cops- why do we never see you on the streets? and judge SHAME on you!!!!

This judge is sending the message that it is ok to fire weapons and TRY and kill people on the streets of Middletown- only charging these fools with assault. Disgusting!

Anonymous said...

Editor- Who was the judge in this case? Citizens should write letters and let this judge know that Middletown doesn't take kindly to gun fights on our streets!

Anonymous said...

Before you go on with the criticism of the judge, you might want to know that in a case like this it is the POLICE, not the judge who decide what crimes to charge the defendant with. So, if you are not happy with the charges these people face, call the Police Chief, not the judge.

The police would probably explain to you they cannot charge these people with attempted murder because all the police know is that someone fired shots in the area of 42 Grand Street. There is no indication in the story that the shots were fired at anything or anyone. As anonymous at 6:26 pointed out attempted murder requires an intent to kill someone. The police charged these people appropriately.

martel said...

Hey folks - sorry to blunt your rants, but it isn't the judge who decides what charges to bring against people who are arrested.

Anonymous said...

Then shame on the police!

Anonymous said...

Where are these three from? Did they make bail?