Monday, February 22, 2010

Democratic Candidates in Town Thursday night.

Thursday night the Democratic Town Committee hosted the first of a series of Democratic Candidate forums. During the course of the evening
approximately 50 members of the public, partook in all, or part of the ninety-minute forum. The DTC acknowledged that the light turnout might have been due to family vacations scheduled during the school break. Dan Russo, in fact had heard from some members of the DTC informing him that they would not be able to attend for that reason. Perhaps the television coverage of the Olympic Games was a greater draw for others. The meeting had been advertised, and all members of the public invited to attend through notices on this blog, and in the Middletown Press. Russo stated to me that all meetings of the DTC that are held in council chambers are open to all members of the public. Many democrats from the Common
Brad Spahn and Dan Levine
 Council where present; Daley, Klattenberg, Kasper, Faulkner, Loffredo, and Streeto. Other members of the State democratic "team" sitting in the audience were Representatives Serra, and Lesser, and Senator Doyle, as well as former Mayor Dominique Thornton, and the 2009 democratic candidate for Mayor, Dan Drew. The DTC includes two Wesleyan Students who where in attendance at this meeting.

The forum got of to a late start, with Chair Dan Russo stating apologies all around for the informality of the schedule due to the tight schedules of the candidates in attendance. All of the candidates took time to express their condolences regarding the Kleen Energy explosion, and took a moment to acknowledge the caring way in which Middletown, and the Middletown
Democrats handled themselves in the face of this tragedy on a world stage.
Candidates also thanked the city's DTC for supporting their candidacy.

The images and text follow the order in which candidates spoke.

Ned Lamont, the only officially declared candidate for governor started off the evening of campaigning. He stressed the importance of creating jobs to keep our youth in CT, and his commitment to education. He also stressed his experience as a businessman, and prior to that as a job creator.  He promises an honest budget and a challenge to the status quo.  He waved goodbye with apologies for not taking questions as he campaign manager ushered him out the door in order to make a scheduled meeting with channel 3's Dennis House and "Face the State."
the Honorable Joseph D. Marino

Judge Marino, is on the campaign trail once again and running for a 7th term for Judge of Probate, District 15. Probate Judges serve 4 year terms, Marino's first term started in 1986. The judge explained that Middletown was not effected in the Probate Court's recent redistricting per the reform bill signed into law by the Governor on June 9, 2009, and act that closed 63 of 117 Probate Courts in the state.


Nancy Wyman is also running again for a 5th term as State Comptroller. She has served in this position since 1994 and at that time became the first women to hold the office since it's creation in 1786. Prior to her election as Comptroller, she served as a State Representative for the 53rd District in Tolland.

MARY GLASSMAN on left with Rep. Serra looking on
Mary Glassman of Simsbury is in the exploratory stage of a run for governor. She originally hails from New Britain, and now resides in Simsbury. She served four terms as first selectwoman of the town--from 1991-1991--before stepping down, and then working for eight years in state government; rising to chief of staff in the Lt. Governors office. During that time she also ran for Lt. Governor.  In 2007, and 2007 she was re-elected as first selectwoman in Simsbury . One of the many assets she believes she would bring to the Governors office is a broad perspective on local, state, and legislative workings, given her experience in all levels of CT government.
Dan Malloy

Dan Malloy was the last of the three candidates for governor to address those assembled at the DTC forum. He opened with a statement declaring that  he believes in government and the process of running government as government; stating that he would not run the Governor's office like a business. He spoke in detail and at great length, making clear the differences between the two approaches, across a wide swath of topics-- including education, job creation, what it would take to bring new business to the state, the nets of safety government provides, and statewide economic growth--with a strong command of all the topics.

Kevin Lembo

Kevin Lembo, was the last speaker. He is seeking election to the office of Lt. Governor. Currently he is serving a second, four year appointed term as leader of the Office of Health Care Advocate, an independent state agency, that helps CT residents untangle the complexities of the health care system. When he started they where an office of three, and have since become an office of seven serving the public.
Middletown audience in Council Chambers


Gordon said...

Judging by the Standing Room Only crowd at the Democratic forum, I think the Dems have their work cut out for them in November.
P.S.- Dan,I don't think it had anything to do with the Olympics.

Coleman Rd. said...

Typical Middletown Eye - no coverage of anything going on with the GOP.

THis blogis just a front for a left agenda.

fishmuscle (Stephen H. Devoto) said...

We would LOVE to get more contributors to The Eye, to cover all the events which deserve to be covered (not just GOP, but also sports, schools, music, theater, etc). We did cover the nominating conventions for municipal races for both parties and focused almost exclusively on the Republicans on election night. However, we did not have a volunteer journalist at the most recent Republican Town Committee meeting.

We try to report in a neutral manner, and label any opinion pieces as 'commentary." This does not shield us from the charge of being biased, however. Ironically, most such charges have come from Democrats. This is probably because Democrats dominate municipal government, and our coverage does not always show the municipal boards and commissions in the most favorable light.

In any case, if "This blog is just a front for a left agenda," we invite you to correct that by becoming a contributor, or to stop reading it.

David Bauer said...

I read the Eye every day. I find a lot of good information here, and I applaud the work all the volunteer contributors share with the community.

The Eye is invited to all MRTC meetings - Stephen Devoto has even attended one of the MRTC Executive meetings. Too bad for Stephen that we did not discuss anything worth reporting in the Eye.

David Bauer
Chairman, MRTC