Sunday, February 14, 2010

From 1927: Saint Valentine's Night Dance

This advertisement is from exactly 83 years ago today, appearing in the Hartford Courant on February 14th, 1927. I cannot find any information on either The Midnight Ramble Inn ("Middletown's Palace of Mirth and Pleasure"), or on Ernie Corvo's Midnight Ramblers (a house band?). Ernest Corvo does not appear to be part of the more famous Corvo family, which includes the late Biagio (Max) Corvo, publisher of the Middletown Bulletin, and his son, William Corvo, the former councilman and part owner of Kleen Energy.

If anybody can enlighten us about the establishment or the band, or about any other aspects of nightlife in Middletown during the Roaring 20s, please comment!

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Anonymous said...

Maybe The Ramble Inn has morphed into the Red Dog.