Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Public Nightclub Hearing Continues Tonight

The Planning and Zoning Commission will tonight continue to hear public testimony on the application by The Public nightclub for a Special Exception to expand and modify its bar area. This application is for work done by the owner, Tyler DeVecchis, last year.

At the last P&Z meeting, the commission heard from customers and workers associated with the nightclub how important this venue was to the youth of Middletown. Downtown Business District members unanimously voted to oppose the application, and Mayor Giuliano raised concerns about public safety.

The Commission continued the public hearing primarily to hear directly from the Police Department about safety issues.

The commissioners could deny the application and instruct the applicant to dismantle his expansion, or they could approve the application with or without attached conditions. Mr. DeVecchis is represented by attorney Ralph Wilson.

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BC3 said...

It's pretty hilarious that a corporate pharmacy can easily get itself an exception to any rule, but a LOCAL restaurant/bar owner is held to higher standards.

I don't need Zoloft, Oxycontin, cheap candy or diet pills, but I do certainly enjoy the occasional Dogfishead 60 Minute IPA on tap at Public.