Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Squabble Preview: Council vs. Mayor

If the draft agenda for Monday's upcoming Common Council meeting is any indication, the ongoing power struggle between the city's executive branch, the mayor, and its legislative branch, the Common Council, will continue in public.

In three draft resolutions, the Common Council challenges the authority mayor Sebastian Giuliano has claimed for the office of the mayor.

In one resolution, the Council demands that the mayor freeze all open positions in the city, only to be "unfrozen" with a request to the Council.  In another resolution, the Council is proposing a 10% reserve on every line item in the General Funding, excluding salaries, contractual obligations, debt service and the Board of Education.  This reserve will stay in place until the end of the fiscal year, and replaces a general 10% operating fund reserve formerly placed by the Common Council, but ignored by the mayor.  Finally, the Common Council proposes advising the mayor to "correct" his actions in approving the creation of positions in the Police Department.

The Council will take up all resolutions at Monday's Common Council meeting.


Vinnie said...

When will the boys and girls grow up! As the CEO of the city, the Mayor needs the authority to hire, fire and promote. Otherwise, the children will just turn it into a political ping-pong game, and, as usual, nothing will get done. Isn't nice to see someone take charge!?

Anonymous said...

More self righteous BS from the DEMs instead of attending to real issues like spending over $1,000,000 to repave a parking lot,

Vinnie, Tommie, & Gerry need to learn to turn their attention to something that matters. I find it interesting that Tommie & Gerry and a bunch of Dems left the last Council Meeting while Vinnie was ranting on about the Police situation.

Aren't these the three guys we cannot get the soccer fields done. Are they scared fro the 2nd year in arow their fantasy budget is bust again because thay cannot add.

Anonymous said...

Do you remember what the Democratic Council wrote when they attacked Democratic Town Chairman Dan Russo, and endorsed Elizabeth Santangelo as his replacement? It was because their concern was that Seb Giuliano may end up being the longest Republican elected Mayor in Middletown history!
That is the Democrats main concern right now. They feel embarrassed about the fact that a democratically held town, cannot elect a democrat as Mayor. That is the only reason we will be seeing all these idiotic arguments and resolutions from the Demoratic Council. They will be trying anything to knock out Mayor Giuliano in the next electon. Councilman Loffredo probably has aspirations of running for Mayor again, that is why he is the head hunter with his frivolous attempts alleging the Mayor is illegally performing his job. If anything, the Council has overstepped its authority time and time again.
These Democrats have absolutely no concern for the taxpayers of our City. Their main concern is to stymie the Republicans, and get a democratic Mayor in office. They do not care about truly doing the Citys business, and working together so our City is a better place to work, play, and live in. Middletown residents need to pay close attention to what is really going on with our politicians. There is always an ulterior motive in play with them. The Democrats on the Council put politics above the community. They always have, it's just more evident now.
We need to elect a clean slate on the Common Council during the next election.