Friday, February 19, 2010

Kleen Energy Worker Dies of Injuries

Kenneth Haskell, Superintendent for Keystone Construction and Maintenance Services, died today of injuries sustained at the Kleen Energy explosion on February 7.

From the Middletown Police Department:

On Friday, February 19, 2010 the Middletown Police Department was notified that Kenneth Haskell died as a result of his injuries sustained in the Kleen Energy explosion that occurred on February 7, 2010.

Mr. Haskell passed away at Hartford Hospital at 1:36pm today.  He resided in New Durham, New Hampshire and was thirty-seven years old.

Mr. Haskell was as Superintendent for Keystone Construction and Maintenance Services.

The investigation continues as to the cause of this tragic incident.

There is no other information at this time.

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Joan and Ron Liska said...

The horrific tragedy that occurred on Feb 7 at the Kleen Energy Plant was a shocking and sad event for the men who lost their lives and for their families. But for Middletown it also shed a bright light on two aspects of Middletown that we can rightfully be proud of. That day the cameras and news reports brought forth two faces that represent the best of this community.

During the press conference that took place the day of the event and in the days following, Mayor Sebastian Guiliano stepped up to the moment and handled the situation with professionalism and sensitivity. It was clear that he had done his research quickly and efficiently, knew the concerns that needed to be addressed most swiftly and conveyed the right message to allay any potential fears the community might have of the risk for further public exposure to harm. His mannerisms and demeanor were calming to the community and sensitive to those families who suffered personal loss of their loved ones. Kudos to the mayor for his impressive handling of this tragedy.

The second bright light was shown on Middletown's ability to respond to a catastrophic emergency. The scope of this accident was enormous, certainly beyond any prior incident that had occurred in Middletown within memory. Giant kudos go out to the emergency responders led by South Fire District with incredible support from Middletown Fire and Police, neighboring communities, ambulance and hospital teams and other emergency services. While first responders train for calamities, the proof of their professionalism came through when the real deal faced them on Feb 7. Good job!

Joan and Ron Liska
Middletown, CT