Saturday, February 6, 2010

Council Democrats Call for a New Town Committee Chair

In a letter sent to the members of the Democratic Town Committee, all eight Democrats on the Common Council called for Dan Russo to be replaced as chair of the Democratic Town Committee by Lisa Santangelo. The Council Democrats said that Santangelo was responsible for the largest fundraiser in their most recent campaign, and is known throughout the city for her role in the Harbor Park restoration and in the Community Conversations.

The Democrats expressed their concern about the future of Middletown if Mayor Giuliano continues as mayor beyond this term, "If the Mayor wins a fourth term, he will surely have the opportunity to rule - and ruin - our City that will be unprecedented. In fact, he will become the longest serving Republican Mayor in Middletown history."

They pointed to Giuliano's three electoral victories and Governor Rell's victory in Middletown in 2006, and said that Russo must be held accountable for these failures. They also assailed Russo's approach to leadership and his support for Joe Lieberman, "We believe we need a Town Chair who will be more involved in the entire Town Committee and not take controversial positions on issues, such as supporting an independent candidate for U.S. Senate and nominating himself as Chair of Planning & Zoning, without Town Committee support."

The Council members called for a Town Chair who could "work effectively with the Democratic Common Council majority."

The letter (full text here) was signed by all eight Democrats: Thomas Serra, Ronald Klattenberg, Gerald Daley, Grady Faulkner, Hope Kasper, Vincent Loffredo, Robert Santangelo (husband of Lisa), and James Streeto.

Election of the leadership of the Town Committee for the coming two years will occur at their March meeting.


Gordon said...

Let me see if I have this straight. Middletown, which is largely Democratic, has a Republican Mayor who has served three terms already-- but will RUIN Middletown if he gets elected to a fourth term. If he was such a threat, why wasn't he ousted after his FIRST term?
November is going to be a GREAT month!!

Vinnie said...

The Dems are so out of touch with the voters that changing one man will do them no good. They need to learn how to govern and listen to the voters. Did they ever stop to think that there must be a reason why Mayor Seb has been elected three times. I bet the reason isn't Dan Russor. Its all of them! The whole bunch needs to go!

Anonymous said...

Well finally the Dems did "something" smart!! Its about time!!!!

Anonymous said...

Eating their own very much Middletwon Dem council way. It's the Council who is ruining the City not the Mayor.

They just spend away at their pet projects and costs us millions in taxes. Like the $1,000,000 resurfacing of a parking lot and do not forget eh highschool lie we started at 79.9 M and ended upa t 106 M and counting and have no loccker rooms, no area for a school assembly of the whole school, incomplete fields the beat goes on,

Its the Tom & Jerry show with cousin Vinnie what a disaster

Anonymous said...

Lisa Santangelo helped clean the river front this past year, but others have been doing it for years without the hoopla. So she is the new rising star and yet it seems so much like the democrats of the past. Not what you know but who you know.