Friday, February 26, 2010

A Message From the Mayor About the Census

From the Mayor's office.
Mayor Sebastian N. Giuliano announces today that CENSUS 2010 is coming upon us and encourages residents to participate in the count. The Census is an important population count that is distributed to every household every ten years.

The Census determines the number of seats each state will have in the U.S. House of Representatives as well as the redistricting of state legislatures. Also, $300 Billion in federal funds are awarded to states and communities based on census data. Lastly, the Census data helps guide local communities in decision making and where we focus our planning efforts.

“Achieving a complete and accurate 2010 Census is in our hands” Census 2010

In September 2009 the City became a Census Partner and held a meeting with local community leaders, faith based organizations, and education leaders to express the need to participate. To date, the City has collected information on homelessness, the boundary annexation plan, and the New Construction Plan.

Important dates:March 2010: Census Questionnaires are mailed to residents
  • April 2010: Residents fill out and return Questionnaires
  • April - July: Census takers visit residents that did not return the Questionnaire
Job Opportunities are available for census takers!!!

More information regarding CENSUS 2010 can be found at the Russell Library and the YMCA. Also, residents can call their local faith based establishments and/or community groups.

For even more information, please contact the Planning, Conservation, and Development Department at 860-344-3425.

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