Thursday, April 28, 2016

Who in the What is Poetry? With Susan Allison at Russell Library

Poet Laureate of Middletown Susan Allison
Who in the What is Poetry? is an open discussion and celebration of poetry for beginners, poets, experts, the curious and the frustrated. There will be time to discuss what we believe poetry is, read aloud some of our favorite poems, and workshop poems of our own. All are welcome to come join in, share, and learn about an ancient tradition that has survived into a thriving artform.

Susan Allison, Middletowns’s first Poet Laureate, wrote and read the poem, Here we are Now in a Moment Like this One in honor of the inauguration of newly elected city officials last November. This past February she visited the Russell Library on Take Your Child to the Library Day, reading a poem entitled Wild Blue that she had written for the occasion. 

Drop-in, no registration.

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The Buttonwood Tree said...

Susan's book of poetry, Down By The Riverside Ways, is available for purchase at The Buttonwood Tree. Call 860.347.4957 for more info.