Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Story Teller for Social Justice--Peterson Toscano

Live in Middletown: Quirky, Queer, & Quaker

Social-Justice Activist
Peterson Toscano Performs

LGBTQ and social justice activist and dramatist Peterson Toscano playfully explores the serious issues of sexuality, religion, and climate change, this weekend in presentations at two locations: 
Freddie Mercury: I want to break free!

     Friday, 7PM: "Everything is Connected--An evening of stories, most true, many weird,"
at First Church of Middletown, 190 Court Street

    Saturday, 12 noon: "A Discussion-Driven Performance,"
at South Church, 9 Pleasant Street

Both events are hosted by First Church of Middletown, South Church, and Wesleyan University’s Religion Department.

 What do you & I have in common with Freddie Mercury, Lady Gaga, and Dan Savage  ... or your gay classmate ... or your transgender sister in Wisconsin?  ... or Peterson Toscano? We want/ed to break Free! Imagine there's no gender (or any other type of ) prejudice, it's easy if you try. Yes? ... well.

 Connecticut native Peterson Toscano endured nearly two years of ex-gay treatment and conversion therapy before accepting his homosexuality and coming out as a gay man. Since then, he has shared his insights and experiences internationally, in various venues, through dramatic presentation. Playing his kaleidoscopic shape-shifter personas, Toscano explores gender, religion, climate change, and other timely social issues through storytelling, drama, and discussion.

As a one-man cast of comic characters, Peterson takes his audience on an entertaining, sometimes mind-bending, ride to explore challenging and highly charged issues of our sometimes all-too-real world.

For more information about Peterson, see Peterson Toscano's website

Hosted by First Church of Middletown, South Church,
and Wesleyan’s Religion Department.

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