Thursday, April 14, 2016

Multiple Overdoses Reported

From the Middletown Police Department.
During the day on April 13, the Police Department responded to four calls of people in need of medical attention from a drug overdose. One person was found deceased at the scene. In at least one of the cases NARCAN was administered to revive the person. It has not been confirmed in these cases which drug was injested/injected.

In our city, we have had several cases where people have overdosed on narcotics. Most of them used heroin. We are asking the public to use caution do the significant rise in people requiring medical attention.

The Major Investigations Division is investigating this series of overdoses. At this point in the investigation the incidents do not appear to be linked to one drug source.

There are many services available in Middletown and the surrounding area for people battling addiction. If you think that you need immediate medical attention call 911.

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