Monday, May 27, 2013

South Carolina Broadcasters Bring Audience to Their Feet at The Buttonwood Tree

art begets art
This past weekend's events were fabulous, starting off with Smooth Jazz by Karl Rausch and the Moments Notice Ensemble. Two patrons sketched the musicians as they aptly played their instruments. Unbeknownst to them of the other sketcher initially, they later compared drawings and a new relationship was formed. Time and again we see proof that one's expression through the arts, music as one example, can inspire others and that The Buttonwood Tree is a delightful place to get connected.

On Saturday afternoon a Chinese Bamboo Brush Painting class was held after the morning's 3 classes. Thanks to Jason Alster, M.Sc, here's a photo of students with their own paintings:

Saturday night, Ivy & David Sheppard and Sarah Osborne, better known as the South Carolina Broadcasters, came to Middletown with their fiddles, banjos and guitars in tow. No need for amplification in our intimate space, they were thrilled with the sound quality of the room. Later they gave thanks for the attentiveness of the audience, as musicians often do at TBT, explaining that there aren't many places that are dedicated listening rooms.

One of the best parts of Buttonwood's shows are the stories that the artists tell. Saturday night was no exception and we heard a few, including one about Hank Williams and his radio shows. After a standing ovation by the full house (31 patrons and 4 TBT volunteers), the trio played a rousing song to which the audience sang along. The joy level was high that night and folks left almost amazed at what a good time they had.
Concerts, comedy, dance, poetry, film, free books and an art gallery are some of the offerings The Buttonwood Tree offers. Open at 10 am seven days a week, the space is a favorite to musicians from all over the world. They also run an arts camp for children ages 6-14, sponsored by Middletown's Commission on the Arts.  For more information, call 860-347-4957 or see them online at Facebook or

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