Wednesday, May 1, 2013

10 Great Reasons to be a Shakespeare Slammer

1. ART Balms the Soul!
2. SUPPORT ART WITH ART. We want ARTISTS to donate your ART, not your MONEY.  By recruiting friends, family and colleagues to support your performance, you are helping to make sure that Middletown has live professional Shakespeare this summer.
3. You get to be CREATIVE with some great TEXT. Shakespeare wrote a lot of terrific stuff. The Shakespeare Slam encourages you to take a zany, even irreverent approach to his work.
4. You get to SHOW OFF in front of a lot of people, most of whom have been drinking local beer from City Steam Brewery or fine wines from the Bottle Shop.
5. Your Friends and Family will RESPECT and ADMIRE you for being so brave.
6. You help people FEEL GOOD about themselves by giving them a chance to support local performing arts.
7. You get into the BEST PARTY in town for FREE!
8. After (or before) you perform, you can ENJOY GREAT FOOD from generous LOCAL RESTAURANTS as well as HOME MADE DELIGHTS of all kinds!
9. WNPR’s CHION WOLF will announce you by name, and will probably say something funny while doing it.
10. Shakespeare offers a Reflection of the Human Condition. Help us all grow and evolve!

It is not too late to register as a PERFORMER for ARTFARM’s Shakespeare Slam and Masked Bash, which will be held Saturday, May 11 at 7 pm at Kidcity. Performers are asked to register by Monday, May 6 by emailing or calling (860) 346-4390. The performers who raise the most money in sponsorships win PRIZES.
For more info, go to
Photo by Ben Jordan shows WNPR's Colin McEnroe relaxing between sets at the last SlamBash at Kidcity. 

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