Monday, May 13, 2013

Shakespearean "Slam-Bash" Raises Money, Has Fun With The Bard

Art-Farm brought another successful night of iambic pentameter to Middletown with their "Shakespeare Slam and Elizabethan Masked Bash" fundraiser at Kidcity Saturday night.

The audience saw everything from serious performances of soliloquies from Hamlet and Henry the V, to more whimsical treatments of scenes from The Tempest and A MidSummer Night's Dream, to a bluesy sonnet and a sing-along version of Cole Porter's "Brush Up Your Shakespeare".  Others skipped the Bard's more well-known speeches to provide Shakespearean anagrams, Shakespearean insults, and a piece entitled "To Bird Or Not To Bird", complete with bird calls and a live flute soundtrack.

It was a fun night.

WNPR's Chion Wolf returned to host the event again this year, and her comfortable charm kept things moving right along.  Beer and wine flowed, snacks were passed around, and a live band played, quietly, in the bar area.  The performers weren't the only ones who spent time on wardrobe; many attendees wore festive outfits and masks.

Between the performers' sponsors and the paid tickets, a fair chunk of change was raised to support Art-Farm's planned July performance of Much Ado About Nothing at Middlesex Community College.


Anonymous said...

a fair chunk? why no say how much?
As a 501 3c asking for city art's grants taxpayers are entitled to know how much this group takes in.

Dic Wheeler said...

Thanks for posting this, Bill. It was a fabulous evening -- many thabnks from ARTFARM to the dozens of people who helped in so many ways to create this festival of Shakespeariana. Especially thanks to KIDCITY!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting a look at this wonderful way to introduce the Bard and entertain. A event/memory kids are sure to take with them in one way or another...!

Many Thanks ARTFARM for another imaginative undertaking! You add so much to the community! Really looking forward to Much Ado ....

Tree Fanatic said...

To Anonymous 10:47 a.m. -- ArtFarm's financial information can be found at They are current on their IRS filings. It's very difficult to announce the net proceeds of a fundraiser immediately, since there are often invoices that will trickle in later. And by the way, they are a 501C3.