Friday, May 10, 2013

Art Farm Slam Bash at Kid City, 7pm Sat May 11

Saturday will be a busy day for the arts and community events in Middletown. Please attend the Middletown Remix, a collaboration between Wesleyan's Center for the Arts and many organizations  and businesses in our city. For information, schedule, map, go HERE.
After the Remix, we invite you to come downtown again to Kid City at 7pm, for Art Farm Theater Company's Shakespeare Slam and Masked Bash. This event is a unique fundraiser for the company, to support many other activities throughout the year, including our annual Shakespeare in the Grove at Middlesex Community College (we're doing Much Ado About Nothing, July 18-28 - stay tuned for more info later). 

At the Slam Bash on May 11 at Kid City, 119 Washington St., over two dozen acts will take the stage, performing sonnets and short excerpts from plays. Celebrity host Chion Wolf of WNPR will serve as the host. Attendees are encouraged to dress in Elizabethan costumes, or with masks, or just with something zany or unusual. Some masks made by students at Kidsartspace will be available for purchase. All are welcome as they are. 

Tickets for the Shakespeare Slam are available at the door, $25 for adults, and $15 for anyone 25 years or younger. Performers attend for free, but must have a minimum of $50 of sponsorships in order to perform. Admission includes wine courtesy of the Bottle Shop, draft beer from City Steam Brewery, and food donated by Anoho, The Bridge, Fusion Bakery, Illiano’s, It’s Only Natural Market, It’s Only Natural Restaurant, Middlesex Fruitery, Public Market, Tschudin Chocolates, Typhoon, plus more donated by members of the board and prepared by Kisha Michael and friends. 

The Artfarm Electroacoustic Irregular Orchestral Unit (AEIOU, consisting of Joseph Getter, Mick Bolduc and Tim Gaylord) will play live music at the opening of the event. Hope to see you there! For more info, see:
(from Joseph Getter, Music Director of Art Farm)


Anonymous said...

Any follow-up? How was the slam-bash? Let's see some photos with masques!

No doubt a good time was had by all! But give us a peek please!

Bill Flood said...

Ask, and you shall receive.

The Eye is everywhere.