Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Kirtan with Shubalananda

June 5, 2013
7 - 9 pm
Free / donations accepted

Shubalananda Saraswati (Larry Kopp) is bringing his spiritual musical performance called kirtan to The Buttonwood Tree. He has been performing kirtan, a form of yoga, for many years. Kirtan also includes a musical aspect, similar to our own American gospel music. He has pioneered the practice through his magazine “Time & Space, a Kirtan Journal” and his book, Kirtan Wallah. Both the practice and his band have become extremely popular.
His band includes Ashley Flagg, a classically trained singer and expert harmonium player, Anna Sobel, one of the most outstanding American female tabla artists, and Bob, an excellent bass player. Their kirtan is not only unique, but they rock! They are based in Northampton, MA, and travel up and down the coast leading kirtan at yoga centers five nights a week, from Portland ME to NYC to Boston and beyond.

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joseph getter said...

Don't miss Shubalananda on June5 at TBT. He's a powerful singer and instrumentalist. I'm a regular in his band, and will join this kirtan, playing bamboo flutes from India.