Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Songwriter Sessions: Lara Herscovitch, Phil Henry & Gary Moon

June 29, 2013
8 - 10 pm

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“Pure musical poetry” (The Courier), Lara Herscovitch’s music is an original blend of modern acoustic/folk with blues, jazz, and pop influences. With her voice “clear and smooth like expensive liquor,” she stands “above and beyond the pack” (Northeast Performer). Herscovitch is “a remarkable performer” (WSHU Public Radio), “a rising talent who is truly someone to watch for” (Acoustic Live in NYC).

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Phil Henry is that rare contemporary folk artist who will impress you from every direction. There’s his sweet and strong voice, that intricate and flawless guitar work, and songs so rich and sweeping you’ll wish you wrote them yourself.
But he’s also got an authenticity that can’t be taught or bought. He’s an old-school storyteller who builds songs from a place of honesty, without crossing over into the T.M.I. of confessional songwriting.
He’s been honored by the top tastemakers in contemporary folk. He’s played the big stages – Kerrville, Falcon Ridge – and won top prize at SolarFest and the Susquehanna Arts and Music Festival.

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Gary Moon is an acoustic singer/songwriter who hails from Lake George, in upstate New York. Gary began his musical career at venues in the Lake George region performing the songs of popular artists of the singer-songwriter genre as diverse as James Taylor, Paul Simon, Crosby Stills and Nash, Jim Croce and Arlo Guthrie, all the while sharpening his own writing style and drawing on these influences to craft his own original compositional style.

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