Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sign Company Seeks Move To City, Tax Abatement

A New Britain company, Sign Pro, is planning to move their manufacturing operation to Middletown, bringing approximately 40 jobs with it.

The company's founder and president, Peter Rappoccio, appeared before the Economic Development Committee on Tuesday night.  Rappoccio said that he founded Sign Pro in 1990, and wanted to stay in New Britain but "there's just no space in New Britain to expand the way we need to."  Instead, he is looking to relocate to 299 Industrial Park Road.

The building would need significant work, including creating "clean rooms" for the large printers the company uses, and significant electrical upgrading.  The costly improvements to the property qualify the business for the city's tax abatement program.  The committee unanimously voted in favor of reducing the company's tax burden for the first five years.  City Planner Bill Warner said current taxes on the building are about $25,000 a year.  Sign Pro will pay $5000 a year, with $10,000 a year reimbursed by the state and $10,000 abated by the city.

Rappoccio said Sign Pro currently has 38 full time employees and is looking to expand.  He estimated the company's worth at $4 million.

Time For "Due Diligence" on Waterfront

Also at the EDC meeting, Councilman Thomas Serra asked that City Planner Bill Warner provide the EDC with an overview of past proposals for the land that will be freed up along the river by the decommissioning of the current sewage treatment plant.  The current treatment plant was built in 1972.

Serra said since the town has now voted to join the Mattabassett Sewer District, it's time to seriously start planning how to use the parcel of land along the river, some times referred to as the "South Cove" area.  "It's time for us to do our due diligence', said Serra.

The city has sought ideas for development in the past.  One major question for the area is whether or not the state DOT wants to change the connection between routes 9 and 17, as that will determine how accessible the area is.

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