Thursday, November 15, 2012

Laurel Grove Subdivision Approved By P&Z

The Planning and Zoning Commission approved an application to subdivide a very large lot at the intersection of Laurel Grove and Wadsworth Street, at its meeting last night. The 10+ acre lot currently has a house and a carriage house, each of which is used as a residence. The subdivision creates a separate lot for the carriage house, off of Laurel Grove. A separate lot will be entered off of Wadsworth Street, near its intersection with Aston Lane.

The Commission elects officers at its first meeting following an election. All existing officers were unanimously re-elected, Richard Pelletier (D) as Chair, Nick Fazzino (R) as Vice-chair, and Joyce Rossiter (D) as secretary.


Anonymous said...

Laurel Grove??

Tree Fanatic said...

Yes, it's Laurel Grove Road where the subdivision is proposed.