Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Official City Election Results

Here are the official results of the Middletown Election. Winner is in bold (note that only the questions and the State Assembly districts are solely determined by Middletown votes).

The turnout was impressive, over 82% of registered voters cast votes in the presidential race.

The complete precinct by precinct results from the City Clerk are HERE.

Question #1, $37M appropriation and bond for connection to the Mattabassett Regional Sewer Project.
YES: 11,003
NO: 4,942
Question #2, $4.85M appropriation and bond for Senior Community Center
YES: 10,881
NO: 5249
State Assembly District 33
Joe Serra: 6,349
Callie Grippo: 2,519
State Assembly District 100
Matt Lesser: 6,673
Deb Kleckowski: 3,057
State Senate District 9
Paul Doyle: 8,871
Joe Dinunzio: 3,024
State Senate District 13
Danté Bartolomeo: 3,786
Len Suzio: 2,704
U.S. House District 3
Rosa DeLauro: 12,833
Wayne Winsley: 3,802
U.S. House District 1
John Larson: 1,493
John Decker: 599
Michael DeRose: 43
Matthew Cora: 10
U.S. Senate
Chris Murphy: 12,487
Linda McMahon: 6,470
Paul Passarelli: 396
Barack Obama: 13,830
Mitt Romney: 6,105
Johnson: 206
Anderson: 76
Jill Stein: 31
Tom Hoefling: 2


Middletown Eye (Ed McKeon) said...

Nice reporting Stephen.

Anonymous said...

nice to see to the drone vote came out in force yesterday. You know the one's who haven't voted in four years and come out without knowing any issues and just vote the way they always have.

Anonymous said...

At least the DEMS didn't have to buy the Wes students Pizza this year.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 11/7 12:32. PM

Sorry, no I dont know the ones "you know the drones". That just makes me laugh ! Who dosent know something about this election from 4 years ago. Linda cant buy a seat in DC, and any one who did vote for who ever you did is a drone.

I think that makes you a smuck !!