Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Political Popcorn by the Colonel

Observations and Questions

■ The President was judged on his record. The people said, "Looks pretty good -- four more years."

■ Romney won independents. That's good news for Democrats: they can win presidential elections without independents.

■ Incumbents are tough to beat. Clinton was re-elected after being impeached. Dubya was re-elected after being Dubya. Obama was re-elected after not (yet) fixing the economy.

■ What will the stock market make of probable two more years of gridlock in Congress?

■ Will we always have gridlock unless one party has more than 60 seats in the Senate?

■ Will credit rating agencies downgrade U.S. credit?

■ Will sequestration happen? (President said not.) If not, what will lift gridlock to stop it?

■ Is anybody saying that sequestration would be a blessing, with or without disguise? Are some people thinking it without saying it?

■ Tea Party's toast.

■ Marriage equality gains may prompt change of strategy: more referenda, fewer lawsuits.

■ After two billion-dollar campaigns, Indiana and North Carolina flipped. The mountain labored mightily and brought forth a mouse.

■ Citizens United did not transform U.S. politics; a phenomenal Democratic presidential ground game may have.

■ Questions for Republicans: going forward, what people, what policies? "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results." --Albert Einstein

■ What will happen with Obamacare? Can it be implemented under conditions of gridlock?


Anonymous said...

negativity? so its ok for the Eye to slam any Republican views and thats not negative?

Anonymous said...

Ok, so the "annoited one", Barack Hussein Obama has been re-elected. No more excuses Democrats.. he now owns the economy. God save us!