Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Buttonwood Postpones Film on GMOs Until December

The film Genetic Roulette will not be shown at The Buttonwood Tree tonight due to the storm. It is scheduled to be shown on Wednesday, December 5th at 7 pm.

Friday's concert with the Indie rock duo, The Violet Lights IS still happening, as is the Jazz concert with Sinan Bakir and his trio.  Both start around 8 pm. See more below and at Upcoming events

November 9, 2012

The Violet Lights

In support of the independent release of their debut EP, Sex & Sound, The Violet Lights hit the road with reckless abandon in early 2012 in a used Dodge Caravan, and are now well on their way to playing more than 100 shows throughout North America by the end of the year. The band is excited to have Middletown and The Buttonwood Tree be a part of the adventure! Their music is a combination of indie rock with garage rock and Britpop elements.

Joel Nass – vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, sampler
Amber Garvey – keyboard, vocals, percussion
Learn more and sample their music on their website and Facebook page

THE VIOLET LIGHTS are a rock duo based in Los Angeles, California. Their debut, EP, Sex & Sound, has been garnering widespread attention, with critics taking notice of the high production standards and fun, radio-friendly quality of the self-produced, self-funded record.  In late 2011, the EP appeared at No.12 on the CMJ Radio 200 Adds Chart and remained on the CMJ Radio 200 Chart for several weeks. In support of its 2012 release, The Violet Lights embarked on a on extensive 60-date North American tour in the first half of 2012, including performances at South by Southwest in March.

The Violet Lights got their start when Joel Nass and Amber Garvey left their hometown of Green Bay, Wisconsin without plans or money and headed west.  Getting by in Los Angeles while developing their music has proven to be a trying yet colorful adventure for the two, a story chronicled on their blog and accompanied by their own uniquely stylized photographs and videos.  This running narrative and coordinated visual aesthetic is a considerable complement to the project, engaging fans in the ongoing story and bringing writers to comment, “Their coming out party in the blogosphere is uplifting as the band has really committed themselves to telling their story as they evolve on their blog…We really dig the sexy-cool garage rock image.”

“This Los Angeles twosome is touring in support of its debut EP, Sex & Sound. Their self-produced, self-funded record has launched the band’s music career without the help of a major music label. Though hailing from the West Coast, The Violet Lights’ sound is more akin to british pop and garage rock fused in what should be an unholy harmony, yet somehow they make it work. Their sound is smooth and energetic while still being catchy, with a bass, guitar and drumkit bubbling beneath the surface of The Violet Lights killer harmonies. They might be a brand new band, but they play with the confidence and skill of veterans.” –Creative Loafing, Charlotte, NC
“L.A. by-way-of Green Bay, Wis., band the Violet Lights may let their Britpop influences overshadow over their NYC garage-rock and indie-pop urges, but it’s certainly not anything to be upset about.” –Buzzbands LA

TBT's Saturday schedule:    November 10, 2012

Community Yoga

Guided by Yoga Instructor, Terri Johnson, RYT
Saturdays  8:30am-9:45am  for Beginners and Intermediates  (No class Nov. 24th)
Donations are welcome to support The Buttonwood Tree and the Jonah Center for Earth and Art

From the thousands of practice hours on the mat and a recent graduate of Lex Gillan’s The Yoga Institute in 2011, Terri brings a deep understanding of the yoga experience to her classes. She will be teaching a unique and varied Vinyasa Flow style as it allows her to unify her appreciation of the  benefits of the different types of yoga.

“Aligned with Source” Workshop for Empowerment

10:30 am - 12:00 noon

Annaita is a Spiritual & Holistic Healer who moved to Connecticut from India Experienced in applying varied healing modalities to a wide range of situations her primary focus has been to heal through empowerment.
In these inter-active workshops, Annaita shares her deep understanding of life, holism and spirituality enabling you to rise above life’s challenges, live a healthy, fulfilled & confident life.
You will explore simple concepts of living in awareness that: open you up to the wonders of life; discover who you are; let go of fear and all that keeps you stuck. You create your reality and as co-creator of this world, find out how you can bring to it and you, peace, harmony, health and abundance. Each session ends in a brief yet powerful guided meditation.
Life is never easy and change only happens when we change from within. In today’s climate of hardship, ill-health, corruption and inequality it is often difficult to see the Light. The purpose of this work shop is to empower you to see yours.
Be the change you wish to see. All you need is Willingness.

Saturday November 10, 2012: Shifting Along with the Shift
Saturday November 17, 2012: Seeing the Beauty in Change

NO WORKSHOP ON SATURDAY NOVEMBER 24, 2012          $5 suggested donation

Sinan Bakir:
“Tales & Stories” CD Release Concert
Join us for a night of music with Turkish jazz guitarist and composer Sinan Bakir’s from his new album “Tales & Stories”.  The album is scheduled to be released in November from Aslan Records.

Following his critically acclaimed debut album “On My Way”(2009) with top New York players Thomson Kneeland and Mark Ferber the new album is also featuring Hartford jazz legend pianist Warren Byrd.
“Tales & Stories” is documenting Sinan’s unique versatility and fresh approach as a composer & performer featuring 12 new tunes. Music is described as melodically inspiring, harmonically sophisticated and rhythmically engaging, some tunes written in challenging odd time signatures such as 7/8, 5/4 and Turkish 9/8.

The show will feature:
Sinan Bakir – guitar, compositions
Jen Allen – piano
Matt Dwonszyk – bass
Cemre Dogan – drums
For more information and music samples visit:


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