Friday, November 30, 2012

Noah Baerman Shines at The Buttonwood Tree with a Note of Approval

Thank you to our good friend, a regular patron and loyal TBT supporter, Stephen Lapenta, for this eloquent commentary on last night's show.

"I think everyone at the show last night was fortunate. Very fortunate. Because certainly for jazz lovers and I'm guessing for music lovers in general it just doesn't get any better than last night. The jazz scene at The Buttonwood Tree and in Middletown has become that good. Maybe as good as it gets for a long way outside of town as well. In particular the regular appearances by Noah Baerman and the always stellar musicians he brings with him at the Tree, Green Street and Wesleyan have created a scene. A somewhat historic scene at least in a local sense. First, Mr. Baerman himself whose skill at composition and touch at the keyboard embodies all those he pays homage to . . . teachers, bandmates and the seminal figures like Davis and Coltrane, whose music was laid open with power and compassion last night. Consider the smooth but unrelenting bass of Henry Lugo, a succession of drummers, last night it was Zane West, each of which forces you to notice the complexity and bop of a pointed rhythmic backbone.  And then there's Jimmy Green. His name is known in musical circles near and far I'm sure. It must be. But for me, not being a jazzophile he was Coltrane last night. His biggness on the stage, the matte finish on that beautiful horn and the ironic complacency of his demeanor . . . all in a nights work? I don't think so. When he put lip to reed he was channeling something. It doesn't come out that big, that good just from practice. Close your eyes and it could've been 1961 at the Village Vanguard.

And we were there. For like ten bucks. Not even Alzheimer's could erase that one."


Anonymous said...

"Not even Alzheimer's could erase that one."

Oh yes it can.

Topher Polack said...

Here's some video of more Jazz at The Buttonwood Tree.