Friday, July 13, 2012

Shakespeare Everywhere explained in Video

This two minute video captures ARTFARM's antics at the City's Fourth of July Celebration in case you missed it. It is also the most succinct explanation of what Shakespeare Everywhere! is, and how YOU can join the Global Challenge. It will make you smile.


Anonymous said...

Our Taxes keep going up each year, and the more this organization gets, and it doesn't even benefit our children or our community.

Stephen Devoto said...

I'm not sure how much money Artfarm gets from the city, and I am not sure how one measures "benefit" to our community. Is the ratio of money to benefit higher for Artfarm than for subsidies (tax relief) to churches and businesses that are in favor at City Hall? What about the subsidies to Motorcycle mania or the 5K road run? The fireworks? Each of us may see little benefit in a particular city expenditure, but I hope all of us can recognize benefits to others. Next time you see an Artfarm performance, look around at the joy and enlightenment brought to our community.

Stephan Allison, City Arts Coordinator said...

Dear Anonymous,

What authority (as in specialized or extensive knowledge on the subject) do you have to say that it doesn't benefit our children or our community?

Artfarm has been involved with children in Middletown through programming/internships/etc. and they benefit our community by their presence in other communities in our state. The work they do beyond the borders of Middletown shines a bright light on Middletown. When people see Artfarm, they understand the value our community places on the arts. They see that we have established an environment offering such organizations a place to take root and grow.

Thanks for bringing up these issues as otherwise we might not have taken the time to appreciate Artfarm's implicit value to our community.

By the way, Artfarm was awarded, through a competitive grant process, a total of $5,000 in the past fiscal year (7% of a $70,000 grant budget) for programs/services to the Middletown community.

Anonymous said...

I have seen lots of children enjoying themselves at the free Shakespeare series in the last few years. I would call that a benefit to the children of our comunity.