Friday, July 20, 2012

Last Chance for FREE or Low Cost LED Exit Lights

The Environmental Collective Impact Network (Ecoin) in Middletown is offering businesses, commercial real estate owners, and local nonprofits in greater Middletown the opportunity to receive free or low-cost 4 watt LED Exit Light Fixtures. The first 100 fixtures requested will be free. After that, they cost $14 each, eligible for a $10 rebate, resulting in a next cost of $4 each.

These fixtures cost approximately $5.26 per year to operate, versus the usual 40 watt exit light that costs about $52.60 per year to operate (assuming electricity charges of 15 cents per kilowatt hour). A group order will be placed on July 25, so this is the last chance to take advantage of this offer.

The fixtures are provided by Middletown's Clean Energy Task Force, a member of Ecoin. For more info call John Hall, Energy Coordinator for the City of Middletown at 860-344-3503.

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