Friday, July 27, 2012

J Cherry & The Strawberries Kicking off this Weekend at The Buttonwood Tree

J Cherry & The Strawberries - Friday July 27 at 8pm

 Join J-Cherry and the Strawberries for a celebration of Voix de Ville, Voice of the City, a variety show from the heart of the community, with performers of every style and sound, living, working, and creating in the city of Middletown and the surrounding area. It’s poetry, dance, song, comedy, and bits of wisdom. Where the community is the theater.

J-Cherry/ lyricist, vocals, mouth harp
Tim Sparks/ singer/songwriter, guitar, mouth harp
Phill Bullaro/ drums
Steve Far/ singer/songwriter, bass, guitar
Sympetalous/ poet, percussion
Rich Hatfield/ guitar


"Aligned with Source" Workshop for Empowerment - Saturday July 28 at 10:30am

Aligned With Source is an Inter-Active talk/workshop with a purpose of bringing understanding to life’s challenges and empowering us to deal with them. We ‘know’ that ‘love can cure all ills, create miracles and is what we must have for peace on Earth to prevail’. But do we believe this? Do we truly understand the full impact of this most powerful force? A single, gentle word with infinite facets, all bring us to a single, most beautiful space. Come share in the exploration of its depths, potential and beauty.
Annaita is a Spiritual & Holistic Healer who moved to Connecticut from India. She is experienced in applying varied healing modalities to a wide range of situations her primary focus has been to heal through empowerment.
In these inter-active workshops, Annaita shares her deep understanding of life, holism and spirituality, enabling you to rise above life’s challenges to live a healthy, fulfilled & confident life.

$5 suggested donation

Novel Writing Workshop with Award-Winning Writer and Former ABC and NPR Journalist Eileen Albrizio- Saturday July 28 at 1pm

What "Show Don't Tell"  Means in Fiction and Creative Nonfiction

One of the most frustrating phrases we’ve heard as writers will frustrate you no more! Yes, you’ve slammed into the phrase countless times and although it sounds like simple logic, when it comes right down to crafting your novel or memoir, you still end up telling the story instead of showing it. You try to be more descriptive, yet you are, again, told that the writing is telling. “How can that be!” you scream at your computer, head pounding in pain from beating it against your desk in defeat. Here’s part of the problem. Writing a novel is a long   process and much of that process is spent working to move the story forward. We spend a lot of time trying to get from here to there, moving step by step through the story to get to the conclusion. What we aren’t   doing is making each step of the journey vivid, real, tangible and engaging. This workshop will not only make sense out of “show don’t tell,” but will make the craft of showing your story enjoyable and exciting!     
$25 per person. Registration required. Call 860-347-4957, or email Eileen at

Alli and the Oxen Frees and Mumblty-Peg - Saturday July 28 at 8pm

Alli Millstein, singer-songwriter out of New York City will be performing with her band, Alli and the Oxen Frees. Along with Alli and the Oxen Frees, Kevin Keplacki and his band, Mumblty-Peg, an emerging folk rock group from Connecticut will be giving a benefit performance to raise money for Pathways Togo, Inc, a non-profit dedicated to supporting girls education in Togo, West Africa. By providing scholarships and small-scale community improvement grants, Pathways Togo embraces the vision: educate women, empower the world.
If you like the sound of Jenny Lewis or Beach House, you will love Alli and the Oxen Frees and if you are a fan of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, you will be a fan of Mumblty-Peg. So, come on down to the Buttownwood Performing Arts Center for a great night of music to support an inspiring cause.

 Hope to see you there!

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