Thursday, May 31, 2018

The Buttonwood Tree: May 30th - June 5th


Friday, June 1 @ 8 - 10PM, $10 Admission

Everyone enjoys a good story, especially this diverse troupe of storytellers. Based in the capitol of Hartford, these individuals are trained in the art of the Moth Formula: enthralling, true stories that are often funny, personal, poignant, or ironic. As with every show, their stories all revolve around a single theme. Audiences are invited to come up and share their stories, too!
Join us for a night of good stories and greater company.

Saturday, June 2 @ 8 - 10PM, $15 Admission

Jen Allen is a composer whose craft is praised for being blunt, real; not unlike a diary, written from her own life and shared with the world without trepidation. Jen's newest album, 'In a Time of Change,' is her encapsulation of our changing world and the complicated feelings that come with it. 
Share this personal revelation with us, this Saturday. 
Sample of Jen's Jazz Quartet: 

'Remembering Nature' by Candice Weigle-Spier 
Friday, June 1 - 30, Free Admission

Have you ever wondered what people see in nature? Why they are passionate about our world’s natural beauty? Or are you just an art fanatic? Local collage and watercolor painter, Candice Weigle-Spier, is one herself. Throughout the month of June, she will be hosting her newest collection at the Buttonwood Tree: Remembering Nature, a series constructed entirely from discarded materials representing the beauty of nature in media that are instrumental in its demise.
Come by, and understand nature through the eyes of a truly passionate artist.

Monday, June 4 @ 7 - 10PM, $5 Admission

Got a talent you just have to share with the rest of the world? Then come on by to The Buttonwood Tree, where the mic is open to any and all who've got at least one creative bone within them. This time, our hosts is the guitarist double team, Terri Lachance, who is the songwriter, and Rob Desorbo.
Come on down, even just to watch! Performances are interspersed with 'Moments of Gratitude,' where we take a second to remember the hidden good in life underneath all of the apparent bad. 
Terri and Rob Sample: 

Tuesday, June 5 @ 7 - 8PM, Free Admission

While your typical yoga class is centered around freeing the body of tension, laughter yoga does the very same but for your mood! No yoga mats required. Simply dress comfortably, and engage in an hour of easy and fun meditation that is sure to brighten your mood and reduce stress. 

605 Main Street / PO Box 71, Middletown, CT 06457
Contact Anne-Marie at 860.347.4975

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