Thursday, May 24, 2018

How They Voted: Suzio Votes Against Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction.

The 2018 regular session of the State Legislature has come to a close. There were a number of bills that were controversial. This is the third of a series of brief reports on how those who represent our city voted in the capitol.  The description of the bill is from a State publication, Major Public Acts.Previous post: Gun Safety Measure, Educational Assistance for Undocumented Residents.
The legislature passed a law establishing a new interim greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction requirement. Existing law requires the state to reduce its GHG emissions to a level that is at least (1) 10% below 1990’s emission level by 2020 and (2) 80% below 2001’s emission level by 2050. The new law requires the state to also reduce its emissions level to one that is at least 45% below 2001’s emissions level by 2030. It also integrates GHG reductions into various state planning efforts and documents, such as the state’s Comprehensive Energy Strategy and its plan of conservation and development

The Senate vote was 34 to 2, The House passed the bill 137 to 11.
  • Paul Doyle (Senate District 9)    YES
  • Len Suzio (Senate District 13)     NO 
  • Joseph Serra (House District 33)    YES
  • Matthew Lesser (House District 100)  YES

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Anonymous said...

Shame on Len Suzio! A vote against greenhouse gas emission reductions is short-sighted and bad for the state of CT.

Rebecca MacLachlan