Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Peak Magnolia

In case you've been stuck inside at your computer, you might not have noticed that the Magnolia trees are blooming NOW.

The neighborhoods around Downtown Middletown are home to a number of spectacular mature Magnolia trees, courtesy of the residents of the previous century.  Sometimes they lose their flowers early in a spring rainstorm, but this is a particularly good year, and the trees are just magnificent this week.

It's a great time to stroll (or try out one of those orange bikes) or even admire them from your car window.  Start with the one across from the Russell House, on High Street near Washington Terrace.  This pink & purple flowered variety is (I think) known as the Saucer Magnolia. Others are scattered on Prospect Street (near the intersection with Berlin Street), on Pearl, Church, Grand, High, Liberty & College Streets.  There's even a baby Magnolia planted in front of an old mansion on High Street near Mansfield Terrace.  Stop by in 75 years or so to see it in its full glory!

Finish your tour on Court Street.  Treat yourself to an espresso and some pastry from Klekolo World Coffee, and admire the best of the lot:  the Middlesex Magnolia, in front of the old insurance company headquarters.  The photograph above just can't do it justice!

It won't be long before those pink petals start to fall.


Unknown said...

That Tree has made my day for years! The energy around a blooming Magnolia tree lifts spirits and makes a smile spread across your face. We are so lucky Middletown has so many Magnolias!

Maria Johnson said...

Thank you, Jen, for this lovely post!