Thursday, May 31, 2018

City Leaders Lash Out At Each Other

The controversy over the Council's vote on May 14th to eliminate funding for the Arts Coordinator position, and its unsuccessful over-ride of the Mayor's veto (which restored that funding), has become intensely personal since the Tuesday Council meeting, when at least 50 people came to protest in favor of the Arts.

Mayor Dan Drew used Facebook to lash out at Councilman Seb Giuliano over a message Giuliano sent to each member on the Commission on the Arts. Drew called the message "unhinged" and its author "arrogant"; he calls past accusations by Giuliano "wild and untrue".

Giuliano, in his letter to the Commission members, accused them of selfish, lawless behavior, and accused one of them of insulting him.  

The text of the messages are below (click to enlarge). 

Mayor Drew's Facebook post. Click to Enlarge

Councilman Giuliano's letter to the Arts Commission

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EnzoDast said...

Thank you for sharing this exchange. Councilman Giuliano I feel is right, I'd like to learn more about the hittin process of this new arts position and have it publicized what type of preexisting relationship that person had to Danny D. In fact let's return the discussion on how one attains a degree from an institution in New York while working full time for the city when that institution doesn't offer (or did not at that time) online classes...

Get out to vote everyone next election.