Saturday, December 31, 2016

Did You Know That Uber Drivers Rate the Customers? -- The Colonel Carries On #64

By Taffy Danoff and the Starland Vocal Band

Epigraph: “I’m Pro-Everything And I Vote.” --bumper sticker

⟴⟴ Not only auld acquaintance but every auld thing should be forgot and never brought to mind.

⟴⟴ My Santa gig is over and not a moment too soon. All those kids and their germs have made me sick as a dog. I’ve gone from fearing I might live to hoping I do.

I had to work train cars in ten minutes each, allotting about 50 seconds per family, so any interactions had to be brief. I did the whole thing in brogue, telling one lad in green pajamas that he reminded me of the Irish part of the North Pole.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Middletown Favorite, THE COCONUTS, Live at The Buttonwood Tree

On Friday night, New Year's Eve eve, The Buttonwood Tree will be rockin' and hoppin' as The Coconuts bring in the New Year with a barrel of laughs, ELVIS style.

Reservations are recommended for this hot group - With any credit card here
Showtime is 8 pm, Doors open at 6. Bookstore is open for browsing; beer, wine, natural soft drinks and snacks are available.
Free parking on Main St, behind It's Only Natural market, and the St. Vincent de Paul soup kitchen.

FIRE of HOPE Peace Gathering at Harbor Park

Fire of Hope on New Year's Eve
Now, more than ever, gathering for Peace is crucial. The Buttonwood Tree (TBT) heads to the CT River to lead a program for peace and spiritual renewal. The ceremony begins and ends with sound healings and includes various speakers, music, dance and the 'burning of our burdens" in the Fire of Hope, concluding at sunset.

Andrew Prue, (of Prue Pipes) who recently created Shaking the Tree Gong and Sound Meditation at TBT, sets the tone for this unifying event. Annaita Gandhy,  leader of the weekly Aligned With Source Interactive Workshop and Meditation at TBT, will talk about the importance of letting go of the past, releasing the negative energies of 2016, and looking forward with hope to a more loving, peaceful, bright 2017, as well as offer a brief guided meditation and blessing. Guests will be invited to write down their burdens, their resentments, anger and feelings of unworthiness ... to be transmuted into positive energy in the Fire of Hope. Another Buttonwood Tree program, Moments of Gratitude will be led by Anne-Marie McEwen, and a community sing-a-long with Ashley Hamel, Tracy Kroll, Carol Piro, Lou Sorrentino and others, will lead to sunset.

This free event will be held from 3:00 - 4:30pm on Saturday, December 31 at the gazebo adjacent to the Mattabesett Canoe Club in Harbor Park, Middletown, CT. Donations welcome to support The Buttonwood Tree programming and other Peace charities.

Annaita Gandhy, a spiritual and holistic counselor/ healer from India, received her Spiritual and Energy training with mediums Ellaeenah, Sohrab Ardeshir and Khursheed Jeejeebhoy in Bombay and Pune, through whom she received divine guidance and training from various ascended Master energies.  She is also trained & experienced in varied healing modalities including, Meditation with Kamala Tina in Bombay, and Diana Cooper in Pune, Reiki with Sheela Mehta, Nikhil, Patel, & Elba Perez, Foot Reflexology at the Medical Mission in Pune and Numerology with Poonam Ahuja in Bombay.  In addition, Annaita has completed courses in Holistic Healing, & Basic Acu Pressure at the Medical Mission in Pune, India,  Herbal Healing at CHAI in Hyderabad, and Quantum Healing with Barry Elwyn-Jones in Pune.
For several years Annaita offered her services to the very poor in slums and at Sassoon Hospital in Pune, India, which taught her the importance of empowering others.  She moved to Middletown CT in 2009 to be close to family and in 2011 began leading weekly empowerment workshops at The Buttonwood Tree where she shares her wisdom and experience. (10:30-noon)  She is available for personal sessions by appointment.
This event is sponsored by North End Arts Rising, Inc, Mattabesett Canoe Club, Suburban Stationers, Nimble Acorn Design, Allan's Tree Services LLC, The Coffeehouse Recording Studio, and McEwen Construction.

Call for Singers for Middlesex County Group

Sing Broadway! in the New Year
with Cappella Cantorum

If you love to sing and love show tunes, here's your chance to sing Broadway tunes with Cappella Cantorum. Register on January 7 or January 14 at John Winthrop Middle School, in Deep River, about a mile off route 9. 

Perform in concert, with the Cappella Cantorum Chamber Group on March 26th, 2017. It's a great way to start off the New Year!

For more information and to register online, see Cappella Cantorum website. For more information on Cappella Cantorum, see INK magazine article.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Cat Tales ~ Cat of the Week ~ MOSES!!

Meet Moses!

Gender:  Male
Breed:  Domestic Short Hair
Color:  Grey Tabby
Age:  5 years old

Hello, I’m Moses! I lived in a feral colony the past few years. I was likely someone's pet and they must have dumped me there. Recently I came down with an upper respiratory infection and I knew I needed help. I let the kind volunteer who feeds me pick me up and take me to the vet.  I feel much better now and I'm very friendly towards people! While I don't like to be held, I do LOVE attention and love to be pet. I will roll over on my belly when you scratch my head to show you how much I enjoy it. I'm looking for a quiet home with a patient person who will love me forever. Dogs and children scare me. I'd like all of your attention to myself so I'd love to be the only cat. Please adopt me today!   

No Cats / No Dogs / No Children

Phone:  (860) 344-9043
See our commercial!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve Stable Service at Crystal Lake at 5 p.m.

First Church in Middletown: Christmas Eve,
Christmas Day, and New Year's Day

First Church in Middletown
Congregational (UCC)
190 Court St.
Middletown, CT

This year, with both Christmas and New Year holidays landing on Sunday, the First Church congregation will worship with South Congregational Church, but with our separate Christmas Eve Stable Service at Crystal Lake Equestrian Center, on Crystal Lake Road, at 5 p.m.
Dec. 24 — Christmas Eve On Christmas Eve, at 10 p.m., First Church and South Church come together for a candlelight service at South Church, Pleasant Street.  

Dec. 25 — Christmas Day On Christmas morning we will again be at South Congregational Church, 10 a.m. (No service at First Church.)

Please note that Middletown's traditional Community Christmas Dinner begins at 12 noon at First Church.

Jan. 1 — New Year's Day
On New Year's Day, we again join with South Church for worship at South Church, at 10 a.m. (with communion).

“Here’s the Plan: Wing It” -- The Colonel Carries On #63

By Joanne Pixelart

Christmas epigraph: “Find out what you love and let it kill you.” --Charles Bukowski

“Circumstances never make life unbearable; only lack of meaning and purpose do that." --after Victor Frankl

“A mind stretched by new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.” --after Oliver Wendell Holmes

Friday, December 23, 2016

Milford Nutcrackers On Display at Russell Library

Milford's  hand made nutcrackers are on display at Russell Library

Through January 5, 2017, a collection of Susan Milford's hand made nutcrackers are on display in the lobby of Russell Library.

Susan and Walter Milford's nutcrackers were sold throughout the 1980's and 90's. Walter would carve the figures using maple wood, or used Bruce's Woodworks kits, and Susan would paint and costume them. They produced about 1,500 a year.

The nutcrackers came in all sorts of characters. Some were historical figures (the one far left in the photo is Ivan the Terrible), some were fantasy figures such as the Snowman and Uncle Sam (shown in photo) and various Santas.

Most of the the Milford pieces opened below the mouth, thereby yielding a more friendly expression than traditional German nutcrackers. The nutcrackers displayed were produced between 1987-1997.

The collection is on loan from Deb Barberi.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Increase in Heroin overdoses

From the Middletown Police Department
Since the beginning of December, we have seen an increase in heroin overdoses. Two of them have resulted in fatalities. Several other people were revived with NARCAN. Fentanyl is a very potent opiate that is sometimes mixed with heroin. We are seeing fentanyl use in Middletown.

If you have friends or family with an opioid addiction, make them aware of this increase. If you’re looking for more information call 211 or on the web Check on your family and friends, the holidays can bring joy and happiness, but for many people it can bring on stress and sadness.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Christmas Eve at the Stable, Other Christmas Gatherings with First Church

Georges de la Tour, Nativity Scene.
First Church in Middletown
190 Court Street
Middletown, CT

Dec. 24, Christmas Eve at the Stable. Gather at the Stable at Crystal Lake,  5 p.m., for Christmas readings, carol singing, a closeness with the animals, the feel of the barn. Crystal Lake Equestrian Center, 111 Crystal Lake Road in Middletown, CT. (map).

Christmas Eve with Candlelight & Song. Come together for a candlelight service at South Congregational Church, 9 Pleasant St, Middletown, CT (map). Christmas Eve, at 10 p.m. First Church and South Church celebrate together.

Dec. 25, Christmas Day Worship. Gather again at South Church, 10 a.m. First Church and South Church worship together on Christmas morning. (No service at First Church.)

Christmas Day Dinner. Middletown's traditional Community Christmas Dinner begins at 12 noon at First Church. First Church in Middletown at 190 Court Street. If you are interested in volunteering or donating (desserts, canned goods or dollars) please contact Julie Hurlburt at 860-346-6657, Ext. 15. Volunteers and donations are welcomed.

Jan. 1, Christmas Day Worship. Gather at First Church for joyous and hopeful celebration for the New Year, 2017. 

See First Church online or call our office for more information 860-346-6657 (map).

Monday, December 19, 2016

Cat Tales ~ Cat of the Week ~ BUGSY!!

Cat Tales ~ Cat of the Week!


Breed:Domestic Short Hair
Color:Brown Tabby
Age:6 years old

When Animal Control found me, I was infested with bugs and fleas. After much care from the vet and my own strong will, I am fully recovered and ready to go home with you.  The
volunteers say that 
​I'm one of the sweetest girls you will ever meet; very loving and affectionate and like to sit in your lap. I love to talk to you and will sometimes stick my tongue out at you to make you laugh! Since I am a snuggle girl, it would be so awesome to curl up on the couch next to you and in your bed with you every day. Please adopt me soon, I'm waiting!

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Five Amazing Things About Clickbait (You Won't Believe #4!) -- The Colonel Carries On #62

By Crashy McCrashface

Epigraph: “You won’t have a name when you ride the big airplane.” --Woody Guthrie

Word-clipping can make you cray-cray, even if particular instances are abso gorge.

Before Einstein was well-known, his driver would take him from lecture to lecture and sit in on each till he knew the three basic talks by heart. He made a bet with Einstein, so at the next lecture, he and Einstein swapped places, the driver “Einstein” giving the lecture as the real Einstein sat unrecognized in the audience. Sure enough, the fake Einstein gave a word-perfect rendition of the talk. At the end, a listener raised his hand and asked a question. “Hah!” the imposter responded. “The question is so elementary I’m going to let my driver answer it!”

Friday, December 16, 2016

Holiday Gifts at Russell Library

New ebooks and downloadable audio books are available with a library card!

Here at Russell Library, we’re adding lots of new downloadable eBooks and audiobooks to our Overdrive collection during the holiday season – which you can download and read for free!   

Are you giving or receiving a mobile device this year?  Check out our Overdrive collection on the Russell Library web page – download something you’d like to read.  Try it out!  And, we are ALWAYS here to help first-timers!!  Come on in!