Wednesday, December 5, 2012

WesWinds Plays and Sings Sacred Harp

The Wesleyan Wind Ensemble put on another magnificent concert of band music last night in Crowell Hall. The concert by WesWinds featured three pieces from The Sacred Harp, an 1844 collection of Southern Protestant music. In a daring departure for musicians who are accustomed to having their vocal output plugged by a musical mouthpiece, Conductor Peter Hadley asked the band to sing the songs before playing a band arrangement. The singing was conducted by guest conductor, and Southern musician extraordinaire, Neely Bruce.

WesWinds is composed of Wesleyan students and staff as well as community members, including Middletown High students. The ensemble has been led by Peter Hadley since its inception in 2000. This was Hadley's last concert, as the Australian native is returning to his home in Perth to teach and conduct at one of the top schools for girls.

A large and appreciative audience gave Hadley and the ensemble two standing ovations.


Bill Paglia-Scheff said...

My dear friend Peter. You have graced us with your love of music expressed through the creation of the Ensemble(s) in their various iterations and performing the splendid interpretations through the amazing collection of super talented muscians through out the years. Thank you for all of the joy we have received as a result of that expression. Be blessed in your further and expanded expression back home. You are loved here!

Stephan Allison said...

Enjoy home! Thanks for sharing while you were here.