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From 1937: B.B. Fall Wins Middletown Turkey Hunt

The following is an excerpt from article is from approximately 75 years ago, published in The Hartford Courant on December 26, 1937. It was written by Theodore Buell.

The Saddle and Spur was a regular column in the Courant that highlighted equestrian news in the area. This particular article was nearly a half page of the paper. Other stories in it were about a free Polo match at the Armory in Hartford, the Miss Vera Steele's victory at the Brooklyn Winter Horse Show, and the charity visit to the Municipal Nursery and Isolation Hospital by the Nomad Riders club.

The L.B. Riding Club was on Arbutus Street. It was founded in the early 1930s and seems to have been functional at least into the 1970s.

L.B. Riding Club
Note to society editor: The Burton B. Falls of Middletown enjoyed turkey on Christmas Day.

Explanation: Mr. Fall, the most recent of the L.B. Riding Club's ex-presidents, won the Yule Log Hunt after, according to reports, being lost for two hours in the woods. Still, says Mr. Fall, being lost has its compensation ... In this case a 12-pound turkey. (Editor's note: was it just a mediocre turkey or did Colleague Fred Clark furnish it?)

The hunt was its usual success. After the log was dragged back to the Johnson Lane Lyceum it was burned on Monday night on the occasion of the club's annual Christmas Party. Another feature of the party was the mystifying work of "Milrod," the magician. (If "Milrod" is really a good magician perhaps he can do his tricks elsewhere, showing other leading horsemen how to organize such enthusiastic groups, of all ages, in other communities.)

Elliot V. Kidney, Louis Wetherbee and John Lucy were in charge of the hunt, while Mrs. Florence Green was the annual party's chairman. The club now recesses until January 3 as far as social events are concerned. However, over the present week-end it is probable that the members will be out on the trails en masse.

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