Thursday, December 13, 2012

Council To Consider Retirement Incentive Resolution

The Common Council will vote tonight on a program to entice managers to retire early from the City. According to The Hartford Courant, there are 16 managers who have expressed interest in the program, which would provide "up to five years of credit towards their pension, ... or a $40,000 payout over two years".

Resolution: Approving the Retirement Incentive program offered by the City to the Defined Non-bargaining Employees and members of the Teamsters Local 671 and approving the Memorandum of Understanding between the City of Middletown and Teamsters Local 671 concerning the Retirement Incentive.

There is a period on the agenda for public comments. The meeting will start immediately after a (typically very brief) Community Public Meeting at 7PM.

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Jim in Mfg said...

Why do we need to give an incentive to public employees to retire? It does NOT make economic sense. If the position is being cut, just do a layoff like the private sector would do. If the position is not being cut, there will be addition cost when you consider the additional pension payments and the new employee salary!