Friday, December 28, 2012

DJ NEB to Middletown: Don't Turn Your Back on Hip Hop

Hey Middletown, don't turn your back on Hip Hop!

In recent days I've found myself wondering if the numerous Hip Hop artists in Middletown even have a chance at getting heard in Middletown. Event after event seems to pass by Hip Hop this year and some of them funded by the city.

 I recently ran into a person who asked me how "things are going?" So I responded "great!" This person, whom I respect a lot, asked me about how the art I do around town was going and I said " I don't get hired in Middletown, most of my gigs are out-of-town." I have to admit I'm a bit let down by this fact lately, I wonder if it is because I'm a Hip Hop artist and perhaps this came through in my tone. But to this the person said something like, "well are you going to move?" I really didn't know how to take it. On one hand it might have been meant to encourage me, "yeah it's time to leave and grow," on the other, "get the heck outta here we don't want yah here anyway if you don't want to be here!" I'm still not sure but I think it's time for someone to break the ice and say it... "Hey Middletown, don't turn your back on Hip Hop!!" 

I struggle as a local turntablist/DJ getting my own art out to the masses and a part of me feels that there could be more support in town. Personally I have a bit of fools pride I guess, is that so wrong to have pride in one's community. I don't want to move. Middletown has a rich history of Hip Hop artists and movements which I have been lucky enough to play a very small part. Unfortunately, lately Hip Hop in Middletown this year has been largely reduced to pop rap artists at local clubs and bars. 

So Middletown with all you have to offer, when you plan your multi-genre art events, which are really cool, can you please try to include a few Hip Hop artist that have been trying to get recognition in this town. And so I stand here as a Middletown resident and ask my community to support me when I say... "Hey Middletown don't turn your back on Hip Hop! "

signed DJ NEB

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