Friday, December 7, 2012

Recycled Sculpture Contest Winners Announced

Every year the City hosts an Annual Recycled Sculpture Contest in celebration of America Recycles Day. This year’s winners are listed below.

Group 1: Grade 3 - 5

1st Place: #12 Castle by Alex Clark
2nd Place: #8 Triple R Zoo by Isabella Omani Trowbridge-Wheeler
3rd Place: #2 Wreath by Jessica Misenti

Group 2: Grade 7 – 8

1st Place: #9 Board Game by Brielle Cayer
2nd Place Tie: #4 Flowers by Megan Leet
#5 Season the Butterfly by Talia Milardo

Group 3: Family/Friends Project:

1st Place: # 6 ZAP The Robot by Talia Milardo & Michael Held
2nd Place #3 Keepsake Box by Rakesh & Rajeev Salwan

Group 4: Group Project

1st Place: #1 “Ball of Fire” Dragon by The Learning Collective
2nd Place: #11 Christmas Tree by Xavier High School Art Club

BEST IN SHOW: #12 Castle by Alex Clark

People’s Choice Award:
#1 “Ball of Fire” Dragon by the Learning Collective
Honorable Mentions
#12 Castle by Alex Clark
#9 Board Game by Megan Leet
#7 High Five Ghost by Ethan Foligno
#8 Triple R Zoo by Isabella Omano Trowbridge-Wheeler

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Anonymous said...

The dragon was awesome !!!!!! Great imagination of those who designed it !!!!! Great job to all the participants !!!!!