Monday, December 3, 2012

Council To Consider Bass Fishing Championship

The Common Council will vote tonight on whether to pay $5,000 to The Bass Federation for the right to host the Eastern Divisional Championship bass fishing tournament. If approved, the championship would take place September 10-13, 2013, with headquarters in our city.

The Council resolution indicates that "the economic impact of the event is conservatively estimated at $152,300 for lodging, gas, meals, entertainment."

This dollar amount was provided to the Economic Development Commission by the Oklahoma-based Bass Federation. The Federation document indicates that approximately 183 guests will each spend 7 days in our city (112 fishermen, the rest are family, press, sponsors, and staff). These guests will use 90 rooms at an average of $75 per night, and 10 campsites at an average of $25 per night. Each will spend $35.00 per day on food, and take in 3 days of entertainment at $25 per day. The guests will spend in our city $30,240 on gas for their boats, and $7,500 on gas for their vehicles.

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