Monday, December 17, 2012

Westfield Fire Raises Over $7000 For Sandy Hook

Drivers donated over $7,000 to a fundraiser for the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy. The money was donated in a "Stuff a Helmet" event organized by The Westfield Volunteer Fire Department on East Street.

Firefighters and their family members set up signs and several pieces of apparatus outside the firehouse and placed cones down the center line of East Street. Volunteers held out helmets for contributions. Many of those donating were emotional. Some had tears in their eyes - a reflection of the magnitude and brutal rawness of what happened two days earlier and miles away. Darrell Ponzio said it was a meaningful experience for everyone at the WFD, "We were quite proud to say that we live in a community of such caring and generosity."

The Westfield firemen are going to connect with the Sandy Hook fire chief to ask him for his recommendation for a charity in Newtown that will make the most effective use of the money raised.

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Mike McCune said...

Hats off to the Westfield Fire Department and to the people who contributed to this fund. I hope the money and their heartfelt gesture will be at least a small comfort to families in the Sandy Hook community suffering from Friday's horrific event.

That said, why are police being stationed at Middletown's schools?

In a letter emailed today to school parents and signed by Mayor Daniel Drew, School Supt. Patricia Charles and Police Chief William McKenna, officials say the heightened police presence will continue for the next several weeks as part of a permanent plan for improved security. Some of these improvements, crafted over the weekend, will be visible, some not, according to the statement.

As the father of a 6-year-old attending Middletown public schools, I'm all for good security. And if Friday's incident prompted Middletown officials to improve security, then at least something good has been wrung out of Friday's tragedy.

But is it necessary to deploy officers at Middletown schools? I've seen nothing to indicate the Newtown incident was anything but the isolated act of an alienated, tragically and profoundly misguided young man.

Wouldn't residents would be better served by a full accounting of what the improved security measures entail?