Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Thought Provoking Conversation

After giving all of us at the Wadsworth Mansion Middletown Conversation  this evening a quick lesson on the history of the inaugural speech, Elvin Lim said our new president "did not give a speech that will be written on monuments." The Wesleyan University government professor and speaker for the evening thought President Obama consciously chose prose over poetry, giving up eloquence and feel good moments to be critical of the last administration and to set the stage for change. Professor Lim said that Barak Obama showed in his speech today his great ambition, his extreme confidence and his agenda to truly change the relationship between the people and their government.

This third “Party with Purpose” and fundraiser for the Middlesex Community Foundation was a thought provoking evening with delightful wines provided by our local Connecticut vineyard, Chamard, as well as a very fine selection of finger foods. Many at this event were going off to other conversations later tonight and I’m sure Professor Lim provided much for them think about and to inject into the next discussions.  I know my husband and I noted that our Wes U pundit was much better than the ones they often put on TV.   

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