Monday, January 26, 2009

Sunday Herald gone

If you're a Middletown Press subscriber you already know this, but some news from Art Michael:

With no pre-notice and only a couple of column inches in today's Middletown Press, the Herald Press (the Sunday Edition) will no longer be provided to Middletown Press subscribers.

I called this morning to advise them that we didn't receive our Sunday paper yesterday and was told - that's right - no Sunday paper any more.

When I asked about the fact that we had paid for a full year's weekly subscription in November, I was told (and this may be wrong), that they only charged for 6 days a week delivery and the Sunday edition was free - therefore, No Refund.

In today's notice on Page 2 of the press, in the rather late notice of the demise of the Sunday edition (Journal Register no longer owns the New Britain Herald), there is a mention re refunds and 'plaints. I haven't followed up on that yet.

I'd be remiss if I did not tell you (again) what a great service the Middletown Eye is. I check it daily and sometimes more often to find out what's whoopin' in Middletown.

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