Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Skating away

From Stephen Gaarder:

While driving west on Pameacha Avenue yesterday, my daughter and I noticed an ice-skating snow shovel toting good samaritan working hard to clear this area of Pameacha pond for ice skating. I returned today to snap some pictures for this post and It looked to me to be in the neighborhood of 20 feet square. Of course that is easily expandable for anyone with a snowshovel. I can't attest to its safety, but it does make a wonderfully appealing image of wintertime New England.This spot is located on the north end of the pond just across Pameacha Ave. from Extra Space storage.


Jon said...

Hi, I'm actually the "good samaritan" you saw that day! I live on the pond and my roomate and I usually try and clear off a nice spot to skate on and play a little pond hockey. I was about 1/3 of the way done with our little rink when you snapped the pic. Sadly to say, the Middletown police do not share our enthusiasm for winter sports and have kicked us off the ice almost everytime we've tried to skate on it.

Richard Kamins said...

Sorry to be a party-pooper but skating has been verboten on Pameacha Pond for several decades, something to do with the different streams and such that empty or have emptied in there for many years. The end of the Pond that you cleared away is probably the deepest and safest but the Police take great caution. You're better off around the corner on Pike's Ravine.