Friday, January 23, 2009

Film Featuring Former Middletown Record Store Makes Festivals

From Karen Swartz:

Exciting news to report- “I Need That Record!” will be showing this Friday 1/23/09 at Mystery Train Records in Amherst Mass at 7pm. In addition it has been accepted to San Francisco’s Noise Pop Music & Film Festival, KRAAK Festival in Brussels, and Handclaps Club Transmediale Festival in Berlin!

“I NEED THAT RECORD! THE DEATH (OR POSSIBLE SURVIVAL) OF THE INDEPENDENT RECORD STORE,” is a documentary feature examining why over 3000 independent record stores have closed across the U.S. in the past decade.. It prominently features Record Express of Middletown as the film captures the sad end for our beloved hometown record store, interweaving this story with commentary from many well known musicians and other icons.

This film is a visual treat and tells an important and interesting story. It has been receiving press including a two minute story on Capital 9 Albany News and a review in Ghettoblaster Magazine.

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