Friday, January 30, 2009

Athletes Inducted Into Middletown Sports Hall of Fame

(Inductees George Baldwin, Edward McMillan, Leslie Kestenbaum - photos Lucy McMillan)

Sixteen of Middletown's finest athletic achievers were inducted into the city's 16th Annual Sport's Hall of Fame ceremony Thursday night in a ceremony at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Middletown.

George Baldwin - Former Swimming Coach at Woodrow Wilson High and Middletown High
Robert Michalski - Xavier High track and field standout, and cross-country writer.
Leslie Kestenbaum - Gifted baseball player and swimmer at Woodrow Wilson High, and a current high school basketball referee.
Daniel Maloney - Basketball and football standout at Middletown High.
Matthew Hoey - Baseball and football star for Xavier High School and Weslyean University.
William Glynn - The Voice of Middletown sports on WCNX-AM and WMRD/WLIS-AM.
Amedeo Carta - Star running back, and all-state, all-league team member for Xavier High.
Richard Byrd - Three sport standout at Woodrow Wilson High.
Fred Duval - Three sport star at Middletown High and at Worcester Tech.
Edward McMillan - Brilliant pitcher for Xavier High, American Legion and a star shortstop at UCONN
Jordan Russolillo - Soccer standout at Middletown High and Southern Connecticut State University. He played for the Chicago Fire, Major League Soccer team.
Laurie Boyce - Helped establish girls basketball at Middletown High, and was one of the first school basketball star.
Stanley Krol - Posthumous award for basketball and baseball standout who help start Middletown's softball leagues.
Robert McMahon - State champion track and field performer at Middletown High.


Anonymous said...

The Middletown Sports Hall of Fame is nothing more than white boys patting boys and a few blacks and women on the back. In 16 years the MSHF has honored 172 individual men, 15 of African American descent. They have only honored 17 individual women and not one woman of African American descent. Nine male teams have been honored, which might add up to another 170 boys/men. A woman's team has never been honored! Middletown Sports Hall of fame should lose their not for profit status under the provision of title IX and should also lose any funding the city provides until they can do a better job at even getting to 30% of achieving gender equity in inductions. This is an outrage, come on fellows let's get out of the sandbox, and play nice, and do the needed homework to include a few more of our lady friends and black folk in town, until then, in this day and age, can we even take ourselves seriously?

A. said...

Crowne Plaza is in Cromwell (last time I checked ;-)

Middletown Press indicated on 11/3/2008, "The team to be honored is the 1984 undefeated and No. 1 ranked Middletown High Blue Dragons."

Rgds, Mr. Fixit