Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inaugural Conversations All Over Town

Just a reminder, on this historic day, that Middletown is one of only a few communities in Connecticut where planned Community Coversations will be held around a viewing of the inaugural address by Barack Obama. In fact, Middletown has more of these conversations planned than any other town in Connecticut. Be a part of a town wide conversation.

These events will take place at around noon, and 6 p.m. (each site lists a precise time). Here's where you can meet your neighbors to talk. At each of these conversations, a host/facilitator will keep the conversation moving, and be sure to record the thought of those gathered to talk.

For more information visit the Middletown Community Conversations site.

American Association of Retired Persons (AARP)
St. Pius Church,
310 Westfield Street
1:30 pm
Members welcome

American Association of University Women
Wesleyan Wasch Center,
51 Lawn Avenue
7:00 pm
Members and students

Dunkin Donuts @ South Main
South Main Street
7 pm
The public

Eddy Shelter
The Connection Offices
955 South Main St.
Staff and clients

First Church & Jonah Center
190 Church Street
6 pm
Open to the public

Green Street
51 Green Street
The public

Healing Racism Coalition
Firehouse Steakhouse
412 Main St.
The public

Heritage Commons
38 Boston Rd
noon & 8pm
HC residents, their families and interested seniors

Middlesex Community College
Chapman Hall,
100 Training Hill Rd
noon & 6pm
The public

Middlesex County Community Foundation
Wadsworth Mansion
5pm speaker &
(this is a fund raiser - admission is $20)

Middletown City Hall
Dekoven Dr.
Council Chamber
noon & 6pm
The public

Middletown Public Schools
Students and staff

Parents Seeking Educational Excellence
Woodrow Wilson Middle School
370 Hunting Hill Avenue

parents and friends.
All are welcome!
RSVP 638-1462

Public Restaurant
337 Main Street
7 – 10 pm
Jazz & discussions.
Donations to benefit the food pantry.

Russell Library
Hubbard Room
123 Broad Street
Noon & 6pm
Open to the public

Senior Affairs Senior Center,
150 Williams St.

Village at South Farms

645 Saybrook Rd

Usdan Center
Wyllys Avenue
10 am
The public

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Anonymous said...

The Indepdent Day School also participated in the Conversations yesterday; every student from 4th through 8th grade watched the speech and used the World Cafe model to record their thoughts and reactions, jotting down their feelings and ideas and drawing on tablecloths during and after the speech, then returned to their classrooms and wrote in their private journals during quiet time. Today the students will discuss the speech and the history in the making.

Folks, pay attention to the "how" of IDS...this is how you educate young people to think, with the privilege of time in the classroom, freedom to adjust the curriculum in the moment, and not having to teach to the NCLB test.