Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Authors on History

Benny Morris will speak at Wesleyan Monday night February 2 at 8 p.m. in Room 108 of the Usdan Center on Wyllys Avenue. His recent book, "1948: The First Arab-Israeli War" (Yale University Press) is a fascinating look at the birth of the Israeli state and the conflict that followed. Over the years, Morris had been a critic of the Israeli version of the conflict but following the 2000 Intifada, he veered sharply to the right. However, his book looks critically at both the Arabs and the Zionists, at the myriad mistakes made and how those same mistakes have been magnified into the "no-win"situation that exists today. The disarray of the Arab states and their inability to deal with both the Israeli leaders who initially pleaded with the Arabs to stay and the refugees created by those heads of state who expected the new state to be crushed makes for compelling reading.

The lecture is free and open to the public.

This invitation came today from the Friends of the Wesleyan Library.

On Thursday February 5, Wesleyan University Library will celebrate the life of the noted author and historian William Manchester, who passed away in 2004. This event, entitled "William Manchester: Portrait of a Writer," will be held in the Smith Reading Room on the first floor of Olin Library, 252 Church Street. At 7 p.m., Leith Johnson, Project Archivist, and Jenny Miglus, Archival Assistant for the William Manchester Papers, will speak about the author's career and writing process as documented in his papers. There will be a brief reception from 7:40 - 8 p.m. At 8 p.m., there will be a lecture by Clare Potter, Wesleyan Professor of History and American Studies. Highlights from the Manchester Collection will be on exhibit at Olin Library through March 15. The event is sponsored by a bequest of William Manchester and the Friends of the Wesleyan Library. For more information about the event, contact the Friends at 860-685-3897.

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