Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Giuliano letter to Rell about Shovel-ready Projects

Click on the image to read the correspondence between Mayor Sebastian Giuliano and Governor Rell.


B3 said...

First, thanks for your tireless reporting of all things Middletown; I read every post.

It's interesting to think about such projects and simultaneously hard to imagine any of it trickling all the way down to North End, but one can hope!

fishmuscle said...

Won't the projects that get chosen by Rell and then ultimately by Washington folks, be those that have a convincing presentation for why and how it will contribute to making our city/state/country stronger? Our Mayor's letter is strangely lacking in any justification, let alone persuasion that these projects are worthy.
In addition, there must be a typo for item 4, the Melilli Plaza parking reconstruction. That project is listed as going out for bid in March 2009 and having construction DONE in April 2009. Can it really go so fast? And if it is so completely ready to go, does money already exist for the project, through existing DOT grants to the city and state?
Is it possible that Middletown is offering up projects that are funded anyways and we will simply see a redefinition of funds to be "stimulus package" funds?