Saturday, January 24, 2009

Protesting the Industry of Death Exhibit

A traveling exhibit version of a Scientology museum in Los Angeles entitled: Psychiatry: An Industry of Death" was picketed today by protestors, mostly anonymous, with several wearing Guy Fawkes masks like one worn by the hero in V is for Vendetta, who claim that the exhibit is Scientology propoganda.

The exhibit, mounted by CCHR (The Citizens Commission of Human Rights International) in Main Street Market was covered uncritically by the Middletown Press, and it's something of a surprise in a town with a strong mental health industry, that no one has stood up to challenge the public exhibit prior to this protest.

The group protesting outside of Main Street Market Saturday claim that they hide their identify in fear of a vendetta they feel the Church of Scientology uses against former members who speak out against the church.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad someone is finally protesting this offensive exhibit. I was surprised to read such a biased article in the Press about it. However, there is a lot of good information in the comments sections on the Press website.

Anonymous said...

Idiots - Guy Fawkes would have been proud of this exhibit. It represents the psycho industrial complex supported by tax dollars in this country.

Wu Kapauw said...

Unethical Scientologists cooking up fraudulent exhibits in your lovely American town? It's more likely than you think! Keep your hands on your wallet if you see them around . . .

Anonymous said...

The CCHR is nothing more than a Scientology front group. I am flabbergasted that they were allowed to set up this exhibit. Especially with a town that has the Connecticut Valley Hospital.

I wonder if the person who rented out the space to them was aware of what they stood for? And if so, they should be held repsonsible for allowing this exhibit to be set up. This exhibit is NOT for children and it is an insult tot he Jewish community as it references the the Holocaust and claims psychaitry was the reason for the Holocaust!

I read the previous article about the Mayor touring the exhibit. I was alarmed at his replies after he toured the exhibit. He obvioulsy did not read EVERYTHING in the exhibit or maybe he didn't understand it? How he coulld endorse this psychiatry bashing exhibit is beyond me!
I am HAPPY the protestors showed up. At least they know a wolf in sheeps clothing when they see it!

The CCHR is the SAME as the cult of Scientology.
They hide the word Scientology at this exhibit, and it is not readily seen. I believe they set up their exhibit on false pretences and should be asked to leave! They should be shut down for this upcoming week.

And I hope the Mayor learned his lesson about letting this exhibit stay.
And next time do your homework Middletown!

Anonymous said...

Re "Guy Fawkes would have been proud," but not of this exhibit. And if by, "It represents the psycho... supported by tax dollars in this country," you mean it represents the twisted political agenda of an insane cult attempting to vilify modern medicine with money they receive from scamming the government with programs like NarCONon and CRIManon (not to mention their unconstitutional tax exemptions - so said a Federal Judge in recent decision in case named Sklar - Google is your friend)... then I'd agree with you.

Otherwise, if I take "psycho industrial complex" at face value, I have to instead say...

Do not worry, we know what cult you are from. We are the Internet, and we are here to help.

Anonymous said...

This "exhibit" sounds ghastly. I think I will not dignify it with a visit. Who is responsible for its presence? Perhaps it was just an ignorant error in judgment. I hope so. I agree that it has brought disgrace rather than luster to our Main Street. Our Mayor, reputed to be an intelligent man, has put his foot in his mouth once again. Are we required to be tolerant and encourage this point of view?

Middletown Eye (Ed McKeon) said...

I think respect for free speech requires us to be tolerant.

But silent? No.

Lisa McPherson said...

I think respect for free speech requires us to be tolerant.

But silent? No.

Absolutely. A person has a right to their beliefs, but another person has the right to question said beliefs. Yay America!

Scientology goes beyond blaming psychiatry for the Holocaust. It gets much weirder. Scientologists think of "psychs" as a force of pure evil, and the source of all bad things in the universe (including pain, death, sadness, etc.).

Scientology teaches that anyone on a psychiatric drug is a degraded being, so things like epilepsy and paranoid schizophrenia should be treated with vitamin supplements. That approach just doesn't work, and it has led to a lot of deaths.