Saturday, January 24, 2009

Middletown Community Coversations, Compiling the Results

A group of organizers for the Middletown Community Conversations which took place on Inauguration day in locations around town, met Saturday to begin compiling results of the conversations.

Judged a success because of the enthusiastic community response, which engaged hudreds of residents, the conversations collected hundreds of comments and suggestions about progress that could be made in Middletown.

A good portion of the conversation Tuesday, appeared to center around governance, particularly as it applies to the budget process. Residents are hoping for more transparency in government, better communications, more engagement by municipal leaders, and a process which allows public input.

Other topics of interest included education, transportation, town/gown relationships, crime and safety, development, regionalization, senior issues and accountability.

The committee hopes to have the results compiled and available for distribution to city, state and federal leaders in a matter of weeks.

In addition, the group is already planning the next of what it hopes will be an ongoing set of conversations which bring residents together to talk about topics of interest.

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Judy Konopka said...

Community Conversations should be an annual event.